Xpander Rackmount





Xpander Rackmount Series are 19” rack-mountable PCIe slot expansion systems which provides servers and workstations with 2-16 external full-length PCI Express x16 slots, plus multiple, large capacity power supplies and exhaust fans for operating high-performance discrete NVIDIA®, AMD®graphics or GPU cards, Intel® Xeon™ Phi Co-processor cards, or even super-fast PCIe-based flash caching cards from companies such as Fusion-io®, Intel, or OCZ®.

By connecting Cubix’s Xpander Rackmount systems to your current 19” rackmount servers, blade servers, or modular servers, you gain the ability to transform your legacy PC systems into HPC supercomputers for running GPU-accelerated applications. In addition, Xpander Rackmount Series provides an independent life support system for each 3rd party I/O card installed in it; each with its own power and cooling, meaning you don’t tax your existing computer’s cooling capability, power supply(s), or violate its warranty.


Xpander Rackmount 2 Gen3 is a 2U, external PCI Express (PCIe) expansion chassis that can support 1 server connection and up to 2 dual-slot or single-slot, discrete graphics cards or GPU cards per system. This enables massive parallel calculations separate from the server, greatly enhancing system performance and flexibility.

  • Enhance existing server I/O infrastructure capabilities without adding servers
  • Hardware-acceleration using NVIDIA graphics and GPU cards for faster HD-SDI capture / playback, VDI and thin-client multimedia performance
  • Save space, weight and cost while increasing I/O card density


  • Install GPUs for blazing fast hardware acceleration purposes, as well as other types of 3rd party I/O controllers.
  • Support for four single-slot PCIe Gen 3 x16 I/O cards
  • Four PCIe Gen 2 x16 expansion slots (supporting two dual-slot, 4 single-slot cards, or a combination of both formats
  • Supports one host system in 2U, 19″ rack mount system
  • A 700W independent power supply, and variable speed. temperature-controlled cooling fans to meet almost any expansion requirement in environments ranging from IT Data centers to the most noise-sensitive digital production sets or post-production workstation offices
  • Simple, straightforward installation with minimal impact per rackmount computer; install a HIC and drivers for devices you install in Xpander
  • Each x8 or x16 cable and connector provides a 250 mating cycle duty cycle